The Monroe Area Community Improvement Corp (CIC) was incorporated on January 1, 2008 to serve the businesses and residents of the City of Monroe and Lemon Township. The mission of the CIC is to improve the Monroe Area as a place to live and work through the collaboration of area organizations, volunteerism, and economic development. The core principles of the CIC are to develop a functioning organization that participates in improving the civic community, business community, infrastructure, and vitality of the Monroe Area.

The Monroe City Council and Lemon Township Board of Trustees designed the CIC as their economic development agents in 2015.  This designation allows the CIC to actively engage in marketing the communities and providing economic development assistance.

Sense of Community

To ensure that the CIC's projects reflect the community, the CIC's Board of Trustees includes representatives from the City of Monroe, Lemon Township, the Monroe Local School District, residents, and local businesses.