Utility Information

Gas & Electric Service

Reliable gas and electric service is provided by Duke Energy. Because Ohio is a deregulated state for electric and gas utilities, users may select their utility supplier and the selected service will be delivered by Duke's transmission lines. For information on deregulation, visit EnergyChoice Ohio.

Water Service

Monroe provides water service throughout most of the city. Water is purchased on a long-term contract from Butler County. In the unlikely event of contamination, the water system can be switched to a separate water supply.

The only business areas not served by Monroe water are Clark Boulevard, Wright Drive, Westheimer Drive, and Logistics Way. These locations are served by Butler County.

Businesses that use a considerable amount of water as part of their operations (for example, certain types of manufacturing) may be eligible for water rate restructuring as part of an overall incentive package.

Water Rates (PDF)
Water Quality Report (PDF)

Sewer Service

Monroe's sewer service is provided by Butler County, regardless of whether the business is located in Butler County or Warren County. Sewer service fees are based on a business's ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit) purchase. Each ERU represents 12,000 gallons of metered water usage. By increasing the number of ERUs purchased, a business is able to reduce the overall sewer rate for a proportionate amount of their water usage and eliminate or reduce peaking charges.

Butler County ERU Letter (PDF)


Fiber is available throughout many of the city's industrial areas, and the City is actively partnering with other local communities to explore ways to further develop the fiber network.