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Brown text that says RIVERTOWN BREWERY AND BARREL HOUSE with brown paddle wheel above the text Opens in new window

Rivertown Brewery moved manufacturing operations and their BBQ restaurant to Monroe in 2017, and they've been innovating ever since!  Learn why Monroe was a good fit for this growing brewery/tap room, why Rivertown has been so successful, and what exactly jackfruit is!

Video (2019 - 2 minutes, 22 seconds)

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Baker Concrete is headquartered in Monroe and has major projects throughout the United States.  Hear more about the company's growth from a small patio company into one of the country's premier concrete construction firms.  

Video (2017 - 2 minutes, 39 seconds)

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KLW Plastics (now a B-Way Company) reflects on the reasons for their 2015 expansion 20,000 SF and their previous 10 years of success in Monroe.  

Video (2017 - 2 minutes, 34 seconds)  

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UGN won REDI Cincinnati's Growth Award in 2015 when they built a brand new 232,000 SF manufacturing plant in Monroe.  In celebration of their success, UGN shares why Monroe has made a difference from Day 1.  (Update: UGN expanded their new facility in 2018!)

Video (2015 - 1 minute, 59 seconds)